Who are we


Capit Muscas Editions is a publishing house specializing in Asia and maritime areas. She wishes to contribute to an enriched knowledge of the world by the distribution of books and maps.

Why Asia and the maritime areas?


Everything east of the Aegean », Herodotus

This broad definition of Herodotus refers to the vastness of the Asian continent and its diversity. Asia is a plural space, marked by both sustained economic and demographic growth and less dynamic spaces. This fragmented continent concentrates development issues and faces political, security and environmental decisions at the heart of international geostrategic concerns. Asia has undoubtedly become the new center of gravity of the world. Its study constitutes an essential subject for our century.

Maritime spaces

" The tears of our sovereigns have the salty taste of the sea that they have ignored ”, Cardinal de Richelieu. 

The sea covers 71 % of the earth's surface. Privileged support for the circulation of goods, people, ideas but also for the projection of powers since Antiquity, the sea is today a support for globalization. It represents 90 % of total world trade flows as well as 98 % of communications. Finally, seas and oceans are laboratories for science and climate and ecosystem change. Their preservation and better knowledge are all issues of balance for our societies.

Understanding Asia and the maritime areas together, in their extent and complexity, allows us to have a global reflection on the world.


Capit Muscas Editions wishes to contribute to informing the public, to their better understanding of the world and more particularly that of Asia and the maritime areas. Our publishing house wishes to encourage free thinking and open to the world.

For this, it offers maps on current events, or explaining past significant events. It also offers essays and analytical books on the world, Asia and the sea.


Capit Muscas Editions was founded in 2019 by Pierre Brousse. Its name reflects its mission. "Capit Muscas" is taken from the Latin proverb " aquila non capit muscas', which means "the eagle does not chase flies". This proverb reflects the disinterest in trivialities and the need to be interested in current issues that matter. These characteristics constitute the vocation of the publishing house as well as its specificity.


Pierre Brousse - founder and president of Capit Muscas Editions.

After a career in the French Navy, territorial administration and central administration, Pierre Brousse joined the Ciments Français group in 1986. Member of the Management Committee, he directs the group's activities in Southern Europe and Latin America. In 1991, he founded La Compagnie Financière dell'Aquila which, after investing in Europe, took part in the acquisition of the Bonna Sabla group and in the creation of the Consolis group, which he co-manages. He has co-chaired the supervisory board since 2017. He is also chairman of the supervisory board of Rocamat. Pierre Brousse was president of the Alliances Françaises d'Espagne from 1992 to 2001, as well as president of French and European professional federations of manufactured concrete (BIBM). He is the President of the Brousse dell'Aquila Endowment Fund.

Emmanuel Veron - Managing Director of Capit Muscas Editions.

Teacher-researcher specializing in contemporary China and international relations, he teaches in various universities and schools (Paris 1, Inalco, Naval School, ICP, EDG etc.). He advises companies and institutions on subjects related to China and Asia. He is the general delegate of the FDBDA, an endowment fund focused on disseminating a better knowledge of Asia and promoting the maritime world to the general public as well as to decision-makers.