🏅 Mr. Bayle's book "Toulon over the texts" wins the prize "Bravo Zulu Prize 2022 - Special Mention (book)" (See the 2022 winners)

Toulon through the texts

Release May 5, 2022

Throughout the texts, the edited work shows a city dedicated to its navy, royal then republican, but also a city of early politicization, social criticism, and a city of the sweetness of life too, conducive to stroll, to the discreet charms of its neighborhoods, overcoming its traumatic past, to now become attractive.

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During the Var Book Festival on November 18, 19 and 20, 2022, meet Marc Bayle for 3 days of meetings, signings and debates around the book 'Toulon au fil des texts'.

China facing the world: a resilient power

Release on September 8, 2021

An extraordinary power, China has thwarted all Western forecasts. Its economic development has not been accompanied by democratization and its diplomatic isolation must be put into perspective. More and more opposed to the West, which it challenges, it finds, on the other hand, important relays in the southern countries that it has long won over. For how much longer ?

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